Partnership with 530 Week

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We’re excited to announce that Social Innovation Japan is partnering with 530Week - Tokyo’s first city-wide conference on zero waste!

Inspired by a monthly community initiative called Cat Street Clean-up in Harajuku, 530Week was founded by Takako Ohyama and Genki Nakamura in 2018 as a 7-day campaign on sustainability. Only one year since it’s inaugural event, 530Week has now become one of Tokyo’s leading initiatives building awareness on environmental issues and sustainability.

This year, the theme of the event will focus on the ‘Shift to a Circular Economy’ looking at how government, businesses and consumers can eliminate waste. Building on the previous years’ focus on ‘zero waste’ and ‘food loss’, this year the event will include a full day of workshops and seminars addressing how all actors in society - individual, private and public - can create strategies that promote a more sustainable society.

With multiple events focusing on environmental challenges and solutions like  circular economy and symbiotic economy, SIJ is very excited to be a community partner supporting 530Week. We are also excited to announce that all SIJ Community members will have a discounted fee for the event by using the following promotion code when purchasing tickets (please note the event is only in Japanese*).

PROMO CODE: SIJ530people

As a community partner, we are also announcing an open call for SIJ members who are interested in volunteering for the event. Volunteers can join for different portions of the event, however fluency in Japanese is required and knowledge of circular economy and sustainability is preferred. For more information and to volunteer, please contact Keiko at

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