Partnership with UNLEASH


We're excited to announce that Social Innovation Japan is partnering with UNLEASH - the world's top innovation lab accelerating solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!

UNLEASH gathers 1,000 people from around the world every year to collaborate on solutions for the SDGs. This year, it's happening in Shenzhen, China!

As an official talent partner, we're able to nominate 5 exceptional people from our community to participate in this program (fully funded).

If chosen by SIJ, you will skip the 1st round of selection and jump straight to the 2nd round.

If you are then selected by UNLEASH, you'll be on a flight to China in November to join 1000 other people from around the world to make real, tangible projects to drive positive change.

Find out more and apply HERE (by 8th April 2019):


Mariko McTier